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Please read all the information below and review your application for correct information, including spelling and grammar before submitting it for consideration. Also, please don't forget to include your essay answer!

Currently, we are accepting applications for low-income single moms in college, who live in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities of the Phoenix Metro Valley / Maricopa County AZ. (NOTE: online students must live in Maricopa County)

- NURSING STUDENTS: You must either be on the waiting list OR have already begun nursing school in order to apply.

- ALL STUDENTS: All candidates must meet the requirements listed below, under SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS.**

Scholarship Details

This is a very competitive scholarship designed to assist low-income single mom families while the mom is earning her college degree. In addition to financial assistance, we provide other program services to our scholarship recipients. Services received will depend on the level of scholarship a student receives from our organization.

If you are just starting your first semester of college classes, it is best to wait until you have completed at least one full semester (of nine or more credit hours) before you apply.

**ALL applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Have US Citizenship and reside in Maricopa County /the Phoenix-Metro Valley (Arizona)
  • Be legally single / divorced and may not reside with a domestic partner
  • Registered in college and have a cumulative GPA 2.8 or better
  • Carry minimum of nine (9) credit hours per semester
  • Have at least one child under age 11 living with you
  • Attend and participate in the regularly scheduled meetings
  • Be a responsible and responsive program participant
  • Remember to review your application for correct information, spelling and grammar before submitting it for consideration.
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    Personal Financial Status
    Current monthly income (including assistance from parents, friends or other sources):
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    * From parents, child support, or other sources $ per month
    * How would you rate your credit?
    * Are you currently receiving TANF cash assistance funds from the government?
    Lifestyle Status
    * Marital Status
    If Divorced, when final (mo/yr)
    With whom do you and your children currently live? (Names)
    Please check:

    Do you currently receive any kind of support from them? (food, clothing, childcare, transportation, internet, etc.)
    Please explain:
    Career Plans
    * What is your educational major and your career goal?
    Past Accomplishments
    * Please tell us about all past accomplishments: awards, participation in clubs, youth organizations, sports or volunteer experiences:

    Please write a short essay that answers the question "Why would you make a good candidate for this program?" We recommend you write your essay in a separate document and upload it using the button below. If this isn't possible, feel free to type directly into the box.

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    Disclaimer: By pressing submit, I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to a Helping Hands for Single Moms scholarship, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release
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